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Your best insurance for job security at work.

Negotia is a trade union for private sector employees.  We organise professionally wide, and got members from sectors such as service, sale, marketing, IT, administration, organisation, labartories, logistics, accounting and finance. We also offers membership for students and apprentice.

To be a member of a union, is meant to be a security for the individual employee, and a kind of insurance of your employment relationship. Much of your daily life is spent at work. What you earn provides a platform for your standard of living.  Your job should give you bouth a feeling of security and social identity. All the more reason to protect your interest at work by joining Negotia.

Negotia is a politically independent and affiliated to the umbrella organization Norwegian Confederation of Vocational Unions, YS (Yrkesorganisjonenes Sentralforbund). Approximately 21 100 workers emplyed in the private sectore are organised in Negotia.

Member benefits

• Help if problems arise at the workplace
• Information about your rights at the workplace
• Courses/conferences arranged by the labor union
• Good grants
• Financial help the first few days if you lose your job through no fault of your own
• Union magazine
• Norway's best home contents insurance cover
• More benefits for you such as good deals on insurance, bank services, holidays and leisure, legal aid, electricity etc.

 Negotia aims to offer its members attractive deals at any time. You will find more complete information on our home page.

What does membership cost?

Negotia has a fixed union fee, that is highly competitive compared with other employee organisations. You will find more complete information on our home page.

Join Negotia today!

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