Hopp til hovedinnholdet

Good grants

Negotia offers several good grants to our members.

Educational grant

Negotia wants to support members who want to learn more. Therefore they offer an educational grant on maximum amount of  20 000 kroner a year. Allocations are taking place on a continuous basis. Please go to "Min side" to get access to the service. Application form can be found here.

Questions about education grants can be addressed by e-mail to: unni.sundland@negotia.no or paal.hannevig@negotia.no 

Transitional allowance 

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV) pays daily cash benefits to unemployed or workers who are laid off after an initial number of waiting  days. Negotia’s members are entitled to a transitional allowance that covers these waiting days.

Please find the application form here.

Unemployment grant

Negotia offer a grant for unemployed members as an economic support and encouragement. The grant is a maximum of 20 000 kroner and is granted according to specific criteria. Application can be sent to post@negotia.no

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